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JCJ Amusements

America's Choice For Amusements
Budget the size of your events and have the most amazing carnival ride rentals offered by JCJ Amusements in TN. With their flexible packages that suit your needs, the perfect rides are what can make your event a community attraction.

No matter what type of event you're planning to have, carnival ride rentals at JCJ Amusements in TN is exactly what you deserve. Call them now and make your reservations so they can set up everything for you. Enjoy the day!

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Mountain Valley Vineyards

A Nationally-Recognized Winery!

Whether you're looking to find a delicious bottle of wine, or you're looking for a fun day of wine making, Mountain Valley Winery is the perfect destination for you! As an award-winning winery in TN, you are guaranteed to get the best wine in the entire Tennessee area here! From chardonnay to strawberry wine, they offer it all at Mountain Valley Winery!


If you're looking for a fun date idea or a girls day out idea, then consider spending the day making and tasting their delicious wine! You can get endless samples of all the best wine in Tennessee at Mountain Valley Winery's wine tasting bar. You can also purchase wine by bottle and glass at the bar, so take some wine for home before you go!

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category Wineries in TN
Amber Falls Winery and Cellars

Have an unforgettable experience
Amber Falls Winery and Cellars pride themselves on producing a wide range of wines for everyone to enjoy. From bold dry reds to novelty fruit wines, this Tennessee winery provides guests with a big selection of wines to choose from. The award winning wines are available to taste during your visit to the winery.

Sit in the peaceful tasting room as you put your taste buds to the test. Enjoy the beautiful scenery as you spend a relaxing day trying new wines. Amber Falls Winery and Cellars are committed to making an unforgettable experience for their guests.

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category Wineries in TN
Tennessee State Mueseum

One of the largest museums in the nation
Interested in arts, crafts, antiques, artistic master pieces? You can find it all in the Tennessee State Museum. Open Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, Sunday 1:00 to 5:00 pm.

One of the largest museums in the nation with interpretive exhibits beginning 15,000 years ago with prehistoric people and continuing through the early 1900s, special displays of furniture, silver, weapons, quilts, and paintings. Attend exhibitions, celebrate events & capture you memories on camera at the Tennessee State Museum a distinctive art museum in Tennessee. 

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H-Cue's Upstairs Poolroom

Relax and Shoot Pool
H Cue's Upstairs Poolroom is the best place to relax and shoot pool in Tennessee. Open on weekdays and weekends from 4 pm to 2 am, this TN pool hall accommodates many pool enthusiasts every day.

With an ambiance that gives life to the rooms and well tucked and placed pool tables, H Cue's Upstairs Poolroom has definitely earned its place in the best Tennessee pool halls. Don't forget about the beer and ribs which are sumptuous and appealing.  

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category Pool Halls in TN
Harrington Brown Gallery

Contemporary Artists Find a Home!
Harrington Brown Gallery is a chic public art gallery in Memphis renowned for showcasing contemporary works of art from talented artists. On exhibition are paintings, drawings, sculptures and photography from numerous up-and-coming artists. This art museum in TN is always on the lookout for new talents and encourages budding artists to submit their work to the gallery. 

The art gallery also offers seminars and workshops to help artists hone their skills. Harrington Brown Gallery is open 10 am - 5 pm, Tuesday through Saturday, and by appointment. 

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Jonny's Sports Bar

Action Packed Beers in Tennessee
Jonny's Sports Bar is the home of UFC fans in TN. The waiters are very attentive even when it's crowded. They have a great selection of beers and their food is the reason you keep coming back for more, especially their pizza, fried pickles and their sandwiches. The best thing in Jonny's is the happy hour they have every day at 10 pm where you can get beers at half price.

If you want to watch some UFC games while enjoying good food, Jonny's Sports Bar in Nashville can serve it for you.

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Riverfront Tavern

Beer Tavern
Riverfront Tavern is one of the best sports bars in Tennessee. The foods are great, they have many beers to choose from and the prices are good. It's a place where you can have a chat with your friends or colleagues. They do have a juke box, a pool table, a skee ball machine and you can also play darts.

If you want to have chat with friends while watching some sports, Riverfront Tavern is the place for you.

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High Pockets

Shoot a pool game with your friends
Having one of those nerve- wrecking days in the office? Tired of all the meetings you have to attend? Well, you can now relax in the evenings at High Pockets and shoot a pool game with your friends.

Among the best Tennessee pool halls, High Pockets, is definitely the place to be on late night evenings and weekends. Enjoy your pool games with your friends, alongside a cold beer and some fried food. Thanks to High Pockets, your evenings are now fun-filled.

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category Pool Halls in TN
Clicks Billiards and Sports Cafe

Authentic Pool Hall
With Clicks Billiards and Sports Cafe, customers can never be disappointed with the service. Towering above most renowned Tennessee pool halls, this is definitely an authentic pool hall where customers can enjoy pool games with their friends.


Once in a while, there are also pool game events where players can compete to win different prizes. While visiting Clicks Billiards and Sports Cafe, don't forget about the cold drinks and the fried food. You can never go wrong with your choice!

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category Pool Halls in TN
Buffalo's Nashville

A place any pool game is adored
It doesn't matter which day of the week or what time of day you choose to play a game of pool whether by yourself or with your friends, just make sure you choose Buffalo's Nashville.

One of the most respected Tennessee pool halls, Buffalo's Nashville is the one-stop-shop for a game of pool, combined with cold drinks and fried dishes. Don't forget about the tournaments where you are bound to win something. Visit Buffalo's in Nashville and enjoy your pool game.

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category Pool Halls in TN
The Rack - Memphis
Enjoy a fantastic game of pool
The Rack is one of the best pool halls in Tennessee. With many pool tables and pool events, everyday pool players crowd the place hoping to catch one pool game. 

Apart from the regular pool games, the Rack also organizes events where players can enjoy their games and compete to win different prizes. Well, without any doubt, the Rack, is one place you should definitely spend your evenings. Visit the Rack today and enjoy one of the best Tennessee pool halls.
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category Pool Halls in TN
Sam's Sports Bar and Grill

Smoke-Free Beers
Sam's sports bar and grill was nominated as best sports bar in Nashville, TN 10 years in a row. They also have a happy hour, which is everyone's favorite. They don't allow smoking inside so they have a good atmosphere. They have karaoke and good food with the right price.

If you don't watch sports games but your friend ask you to go here, Sam's sports bar and grill is definitely the bar you need to go to.

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Lonnie's Western room
Best Karaoke bar in TN
Lonnie's western room stands as one of the best entertainment joints in Tennessee. It has the best and the most friendly staff that will help you out with your night out for fun. It is best known for karaoke events. The music is just amazing, ranging from blues, classics, rock and even oldies, you will be spoilt for choice. It has employed the best singers to set the pace on karaoke nights.

There is ample parking. Come and experience the best Karaoke events.
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Troubadour Karaoke Bar
Splendid karaoke bar
Troubadours karaoke bar is a karaoke bar devoted particularly to karaoke in TN. If you are in Tennessee and you love to sing your heart out then this is the place to be. It has the best stage and the best karaoke equipment in town. It is also known to hold regular activities and contests for patrons, the town and even the state, with prices up for grabs.

To know just how good the place is you have to experience it for yourselves. 
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Art Village Gallery

From Around the World to Memphis
Founded by resident artist Ephraim Urevbu, Art Village Gallery is on a mission to revitalize the arts culture of Memphis. The gallery exhibits paintings and other works of art from artists from the developing world. In a bid to increase awareness, Ephraim and his fellow artists open the gallery late every last Friday of the month for a free art tour!

One of the oldest public art galleries in TN, Ephraim restored an old building into what Art Village Gallery calls home today. Besides exhibitions, they also offer photo framing and art leasing services.

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category Public Art in TN
Lipstick lounge karaoke bar
Great karaoke bar
The lipstick lounge is a bar that is set to blow your mind. The drinks are so awesome, they have the best man to mix the drinks. The music is bound to blow your mind, a mixture of all genres and tastes. The karaoke events are the liveliest you will ever be in. The karaoke equipment is so good that every time you take the mic to sing you feel like a rock star.

Tennessee could never be more proud to be home to this karaoke bar. Come and experience the best entertainment in the land.   
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Ms Kelli's Karaoke Bar
Share your voice with Tennessee residents
Do you love singing? Are you in search of a place where you can sing your heart out, somewhere where you can share your voice with Tennessee residents? Well, you have come to the right place.

Ms Kelli's is an outstanding Tennessee karaoke bar, which gives many Tennessee residents the chance to sing their hearts out. Other patrons can watch people sing as they enjoy sumptuous meals and cold drinks. If you love singing, Ms Kelli's is definitely the place you should be.
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DJ emcees- Dis Jockey Karaoke bar
The most exquisite karaoke bar in town
Do you need to have a karaoke event for your best friend's birthday? Or do you need a karaoke event for your own wedding? There is definitely one place in all of Tennessee which offers the best karaoke events in town. That's DJ emcees- Disc Jockey Karaoke bar.

As one of the most prominent Tennessee Karaoke bars, DJ emcees- Disc Jockey holds events where patriots can sing their hearts out. Here, you can gain the confidence to sing and let the whole world hear your voice.
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Dru's Place Karaoke Bar
Redefining Karaoke
You will never experience a real Karaoke event until you visit Dru's Place. Here, Karaoke is at its best with patrons pouring in each day to hear the best Karaoke Tennessee has to offer.

With a variety of foods and drinks, Dru's place is definitely the best place to be for any Karaoke night. If you want to hold your best friend's birthday party or a bachelor party on a Karaoke night, Dru's place is the best venue. This is simply one of the best Tennessee Karaoke bars.
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