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Pool Halls in TN

If you love to play a game of pool or two, you need to visit the pool halls  in TN. Have a fun yet relaxing night out with some friends. Grab some food and a few drinks and hang out at one of the Tennessee pool halls.

1602 21st Avenue South, Nashville, Tennessee 37212


Relax and Shoot Pool
H Cue's Upstairs Poolroom is the best place to relax and shoot pool in Tennessee. Open on weekdays and weekends from 4 pm to 2 am, this TN pool hall accommodates many pool enthusiasts every day.

With an ambiance that gives life to the rooms and well tucked and placed pool tables, H Cue's Upstairs Poolroom has definitely earned its place in the best Tennessee pool halls. Don't forget about the beer and ribs which are sumptuous and appealing.  

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5099 Old Summer Road, Memphis, Tennessee 38122


Shoot a pool game with your friends
Having one of those nerve- wrecking days in the office? Tired of all the meetings you have to attend? Well, you can now relax in the evenings at High Pockets and shoot a pool game with your friends.

Among the best Tennessee pool halls, High Pockets, is definitely the place to be on late night evenings and weekends. Enjoy your pool games with your friends, alongside a cold beer and some fried food. Thanks to High Pockets, your evenings are now fun-filled.

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3705 Malco Crossing, Memphis, Tennessee 38125


Authentic Pool Hall
With Clicks Billiards and Sports Cafe, customers can never be disappointed with the service. Towering above most renowned Tennessee pool halls, this is definitely an authentic pool hall where customers can enjoy pool games with their friends.


Once in a while, there are also pool game events where players can compete to win different prizes. While visiting Clicks Billiards and Sports Cafe, don't forget about the cold drinks and the fried food. You can never go wrong with your choice!

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154 Second Avenue North, Nashville, Tennessee 37201


A place any pool game is adored
It doesn't matter which day of the week or what time of day you choose to play a game of pool whether by yourself or with your friends, just make sure you choose Buffalo's Nashville.

One of the most respected Tennessee pool halls, Buffalo's Nashville is the one-stop-shop for a game of pool, combined with cold drinks and fried dishes. Don't forget about the tournaments where you are bound to win something. Visit Buffalo's in Nashville and enjoy your pool game.

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3622 Lamar Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee 38118


Enjoy a fantastic game of pool
The Rack is one of the best pool halls in Tennessee. With many pool tables and pool events, everyday pool players crowd the place hoping to catch one pool game. 

Apart from the regular pool games, the Rack also organizes events where players can enjoy their games and compete to win different prizes. Well, without any doubt, the Rack, is one place you should definitely spend your evenings. Visit the Rack today and enjoy one of the best Tennessee pool halls.

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6955 Stage Road Bartlett, Memphis, Tennessee 38133


A combination of pool games, cold drinks and fried foods
Of all the Tennessee pool Halls, Sharpshooters is very remarkable. Patrons of the pool room come in any day of the week from 4pm to 3am and enjoy a game of pool with their friends and confidantes.

However, it wouldn't be complete without fried foods and cold drinks. With an awesome menu with a variety of drinks and dishes, you can choose your favorite and enjoy yourself. Sharpshooters is definitely the best place to relax on a weekend afternoon with your friends.

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2600 Franklin Pike, Nashville, Tennessee 37204


Exquisite Pool Games
Melrose Billiards is one of the outstanding Tennessee pool halls that are worth mentioning. The pool tables, the pool events and the pool players gathered in Melrose Billiards bring out the essence of the place with other features that make it astounding.

The drinks keep coming all night long, the kitchen is also open with a variety of foods for all the patrons. Also, don't forget about the well dressed and humble waiters who serve you all night long. Melrose Billiards is definitely one of the best Tennessee pool rooms.

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3547 Walker Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee 38111


Indulge yourself in a classic pool game
R P Tracks Restaurant and Bar is the best place to be on any boring evening. Thanks to this place, you never have to spend those evenings going to bed because the day is just too boring. 

Now you can indulge yourself in a classic pool game with other customers in one of the most famous Tennessee pool halls. Don't forget about the cold drinks and the fried foods that come along with the pool games. In simple words, an evening spend at R P Tracks Restaurant and Bar, is definitely an evening well spent.

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323 Beale Street, Memphis, Tennessee 38103


Drink and Play Pool
Looking for a place to play pool while enjoying your favorite beer? Well, People's Billiard is definitely the place to be. On any given weekday evening or weekends, the People's Billiard club is filled with most of Tennessee pool enthusiasts.

The drinks keep coming, the food is ready to eat and the pool tables are numerous for you to enjoy. Being one of the respectable Tennessee pool rooms, a visit to People's Billiard will definitely do you some good. Visit this TN  pool hall today and enjoy a pool game whether by yourself or with friends.

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540 Opry Mills Drive, Nashville, Tennessee 37214


Classic Pool Games
Dave and Buster's Sports Cafe is one of the renowned Tennessee pool halls. With thousands of visitors each month, the place is respectable, inviting and appealing to all new customers. Apart from the normal day to day pool games, Dave and Buster's also holds pool game events.

Cold drinks and greasy ribs always go hand in hand with pool games. This is one combination that has been respected here. Visit Dave and Buster's and enjoy a pool game with your friends.

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