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Wineries in TN

Whether you're looking for a girl's night out activity, or a fun date idea, going to a winery in Tennessee is a perfect idea. Browse through our complete guide to wineries in TN to find all the best places to go to be delicious wine and have an unforgettable time!

2174 Parkway, Pigeon Forge, TN 37863


A Nationally-Recognized Winery!

Whether you're looking to find a delicious bottle of wine, or you're looking for a fun day of wine making, Mountain Valley Winery is the perfect destination for you! As an award-winning winery in TN, you are guaranteed to get the best wine in the entire Tennessee area here! From chardonnay to strawberry wine, they offer it all at Mountain Valley Winery!


If you're looking for a fun date idea or a girls day out idea, then consider spending the day making and tasting their delicious wine! You can get endless samples of all the best wine in Tennessee at Mountain Valley Winery's wine tasting bar. You can also purchase wine by bottle and glass at the bar, so take some wine for home before you go!

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794 Ridgetop Road , Hampshire, TN 38461


Have an unforgettable experience
Amber Falls Winery and Cellars pride themselves on producing a wide range of wines for everyone to enjoy. From bold dry reds to novelty fruit wines, this Tennessee winery provides guests with a big selection of wines to choose from. The award winning wines are available to taste during your visit to the winery.

Sit in the peaceful tasting room as you put your taste buds to the test. Enjoy the beautiful scenery as you spend a relaxing day trying new wines. Amber Falls Winery and Cellars are committed to making an unforgettable experience for their guests.

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2119 Highway 50 West Loop, Centerville, TN 37033


A Country Oasis with the Best Wine in the Whole of Tennessee
If you are looking to sample the very best of the southern wines then Grinder’s Switch Winery in Tennessee would be the place to be. This winery has won several awards including the super prestigious ‘Wines of the South’ award. The activities here are plentiful with a chance to take a walk through the vineyards and explore the neighboring countryside.

Visitors can also relax in the deck after tasting the award winning wines in the beautiful, exquisitely hand built log cabin. Grinder's in deed is one of the best wineries in Tennessee.

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346 Union Grove Road, Charleston, Tennessee 37310


The Appalachians…and blueberries

Located on the rolling foothills of East Tennessee, this Tennessee winery has been operational since 1965. They grow more than twenty-eight varieties of muscadines along with grapes, blackberries, raspberries and blueberries to mean they have the largest possible collection of wine varieties in Tennessee.


You can join to pick your own fruit or just enjoy the natural beauty of the hills while tasting their specialty wines. You also have a chance to learn first-hand the process of wine-making from the masters themselves.

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1617 Rossville Avenue, Chattanooga, Tennessee 37408


Urban Savvy Winery!
Chattanooga has decided to defy the common edicts and give you a Tennessee winery within an urban setting. DeBarge Winery completes a growing neighborhood that already has shops, art galleries and restaurants. Its urban location makes it ideal and saves many residents the usual journey they would make to the countryside, a necessity in enjoying Tennessee wine.

This winery in Tennessee boasts of a spacious tasting bar that oozes elegance, sophistication and charm. The qualities that describe the perfect ambiance for a winery set to please.

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109 Overhead Bridge Road, Hampshire, Tennessee 38461


Tennessee’s Harvest of Great Country Wine!
Come join the harvest of greats. Visit Natchez and enjoy the harvest of great music, great events and even greater wines in this Tennessee treasure, a combination that takes this Tennessee winery to the top of its class. Natchez Hills Vineyard assures you of handcrafted in small batches using traditional wine making techniques. Their wines are amazing old world with the truest expression of grapes.

Bet you did not know organic lifestyle exists in Tennessee? The more reason your visit to Natchez will change your perception of Tennessee wineries. For the best of course!

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119 West Dumplin Valley Road, Kodak, Tennessee 37764


Where True Honey Lives
Eagle Springs Winery in Tennessee is one very unique establishment. It specializes in honey wines in a way no other winery has done. It also has its limited selection of dry and semi-sweet wines to serve all taste buds. Its free tasting sessions though, are the main attraction; they are offered daily to include visits to the intimate wine making area.

Their gift shop is also stocked with everything you may need. Their range of wines to take home is super.

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2982 Harvey Bowden Road, Paris, Tennessee 38242


Sweet wine with a tinge of Italian Heritage

This Tennessee winery borne of humble beginnings was opened in April 2008. The rolling hillsides that are now acres of grapevines were discovered by the owners while fleeing the hurricanes in Florida.


Modifying what was originally a corn field; the owners have cultivated a wine tradition that presents over 9000 grapevines in 23 different grape varieties. The winery offers daily wine tasting of its many handcrafted masterpieces.

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6748 Old Millington Road, Millington, TN 38053


Come Share in the Fun!
This small country operation in Millington grows its own chambourcin grapes for the red wines, it also produces a nicely wide selection of wines that stretch your imagination. This Tennessee winery will dazzle you with red reds, dry whites, semi-dry whites, semi-dry blushes, fruit and port wines.

Old Millington Vineyard and Winery has won many accolades and beats many Tennessee wineries in its size and in the number of medals accumulated. Since 2004, there has never passed a ‘Wines of the South’ event where they did not bag at least a silver medal, impressive!

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5025 Harding Pike, Nashville, Tennessee 37205


Horses and… Thoroughbred Wine
This Tennessee winery is a welcome addition to Nashville. Being both the newest and only winery within a ten mile radius of Nashville, its tours are normally booked months in advance. The 30-acre historic site, now a center of excellence in wine production, is home to five great Tennessee wines.

The winery continues to extend the tradition of the Belle Meade founders. Since inception it has been welcoming friends and visitors to enjoy the finest food and drink.

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1986 New Columbia Highway, Lewisburg, Tennessee 37091


Great Wine, Bonfire and Live Music!

Ever imagined sampling the best of Tennessee wine in the backdrop of live music and a bonfire as the accompanying combination? This question is a mediocre attempt at describing Picker’s Creek Winery, the whole scenario is a lot more than is captured by the question.


Pickers Creek Winery aptly described is the best of Lewisburg and a jewel of Tennessee winery art. With seven leading wine brands and a retinue of exciting activities for visitors, it is a meaningful slot in any wine lover’s timetable.

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3638 East Mitchell Street, Humboldt, Tennessee 38343


A Picturesque Setting in Humboldt
The town of Humboldt welcomes you to sample its finest wines. The Crown Century is the flagship and promises brands that are nothing but regal. The setting is by the hillside, the stretch of the vineyards create a breath-taking backdrop. This Tennessee winery employs science, renewable energy and what is necessary in creating its masterpieces.

The wine production and storage area is Eco-friendly. Its location by the hill provides for natural cooling.

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6211 Patton Road, Arrington, Tennessee 37014


Free Wine Tasting Daily!
Nestled in the beautiful hills of Arrington in the Tennessee wine country is this out of the ordinary Tennessee winery. Their vineyards present you with an awesome opportunity to experience a picnic like never before. You can also join the wine club for free!

At Arrington Winery there is a chance to taste award winning wine daily and dance to some cool music at the music in the vines concert every Friday through the whole weekend.

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1100 Dunlop Lane, Clarksville, Tennessee 37040


Consistently Excellent Tennessee Wine

Here is a winery whose products stand out for three things; consistency, quality and variety. These factors are such a big deal that Beachaven Vineyards and Winery’s aim is to make the best possible wine. Tennessee winery art excels in this Clarksville establishment.


It is open daily for free wine tasting and tours. If you are over 21 then Beachhaven Vineyards and Winery would be the most rewarding destination. You also get to enjoy the jazz on the lawn event hosted at Beachaven that is now a phenomenon

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533 Rogers Oakdale Private Drive, Blountville, Tennessee 37617


From Italy with Love!
Conceived by a grandchild of Italian immigrants, Corey Ippolito Winery produces distinctly good wine. It is refreshing to note, though, that their produce has all the hallmarks of great Tennessee wine despite the Italian advantage.

The winery has the best grounds for a mixture of activities and provides up to 10 activities that can accompany wine tasting. Isn’t it now easy to deduce why it is the most unique winery in Tennessee?

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361 Keg Springs Road, Hampshire, Tennessee 38461


Packed Lunch and Wine under Pavilion
Keg Springs Winery is dedicated to providing a superior once in a lifetime wine experience complete with an enjoyable atmosphere. This family-owned and operated Tennessee winery strives to continue producing the most delicious wine available anywhere. 

Your trip to Hampshire will be very rewarding, Kegs Springs Winery has a covered pavilion so you can enjoy your packed lunch. Better still, just purchase some of their wonderful Tennessee cheeses and crackers and enjoy that with your wine.

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486 O'Neal Road, Livingston, Tennessee 38570


Perfecting the Vineyards for Super Quality Wine!
Holly Ridge Winery has for the past 15 years been producing just the best. This Tennessee winery has a list of 29 high quality wines and suiting several occasions. All their wine is made from grapes grown in the sloping vineyards surrounding their winery. A lot is placed on viticulture to ensure that the wines are only made from the best grapes.  

The winery also has beautiful rooms suitable for occasions like weddings, reunions and parties.

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220 Apple Valley Road, Sevierville, Tennessee 37862


Wine Sampling by the River
Apple Barn Winery has a simple philosophy, to produce the best possible wine from the local fruit. It is a super place to visit and enjoy high quality wine. This Tennessee winery is located on the banks of the Little Pigeon River in the Apple Barn Village. It is next door to the world famous Apple Barn General Store and Cider Mill. Still need more reasons to justify your visit?

Come pay the mountains a visit and enjoy wine while at it.

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600 Lance Drive, Baxter, Tennessee 38544


Cookeville’s Finest Export
The best advice you are ever going to get this year is one urging you to visit DelMonaco Winery and Vineyards. The reason this is the best advice is because of all the vineyards on this side of the United Sates, they have taken Tennessee winery art a notch higher.

This Tennessee winery, centrally located to serve the three cities of Knoxville, Nashville and Chattanooga is a perfectionist wine making establishment. There also are fun activities that will really make your wine tasting trip an occasion to remember.

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105-B West Jackson Avenue, Knoxville, Tennessee 37902


The Craft of Winery!

Blue Slip Winery, being the first urban winery in Knoxville, brings in Tennessee grown grapes and fruit and blends it into artisan wines that are then bottled and sold in this urban winery.


By handcrafting their wines in small batches this Tennessee winery is able to offer a vast variety of artisan wines at an affordable price. They have whites, reds, dry and sweet. If you want your wine urban then better make your orders. But, you better hurry as they often sell out of some of their wines quite fast.

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